Do a consumer credit simulation?

The credit simulation allows a borrower to calculate his monthly payments and the cost of his future credit consumption. When it is made with a credit institution, it gives rise to a proposal where all the conditions of the credit, to subscribe a loan with serenity. On which data is a credit calculation based? Explanations. […]

What you need to know about buying credit at the beginning of the year

In January 2017, the share of credit repurchase in the total production of mortgages granted reached a new record. Banks still offer new conditions for this financing, but to take advantage and avoid some pitfalls, it is better to know the criteria for this operation at the beginning of the year. Here are our answers […]

Finance your new windows with consumer credit

  Windows are a key point of comfort in the home. Do your windows insulate from the cold and the outside heat? Do they constitute an effective phonic barrier? Do you bring enough natural light? Small point on the question. Why change my windows? Windows are a barrier with the outside. They protect your interior […]

Your Facebook friends can deny you a loan Damon Wildeve

Most of us use Facebook almost every day. It has become not only a way to connect with friends and colleagues, but also a place where we spend time. In the midst of wonderful cat videos, it can be hard to remember that Facebook is a huge, big company that aims to make a profit. […]

Finance your bathroom with consumer credit

Synonymous with hygiene and well-being, the bathroom is a special part of the house. In order to fulfill her role, she must be practical, beautiful and comfortable. To achieve this objective, development, renovation and improvement works may be undertaken. Create your bathroom The bathroom, whatever its equipment, is dedicated to your well-being. This is where […]

Loan Insurance, Senator wants to Strengthen Competition

The author of the amendment on the annual termination of insurance wants to include in the law new provisions facilitating the delegation of this contract. Borrowers still shy to change insurance Senator returned to his recent Senate bill. At a press conference organized by a loan insurance broker, the parliamentarian specializing in the issue shared […]

The Confederation of Finnish Financial Services strikes down the loan ceiling tightening

Earlier, we were reported by the Financial Supervisory Authority (Good Finance) to have criticized the mortgage ceiling on mortgages introduced last summer. See The loan ceiling is intended to curb household over-indebtedness and to prevent the housing market from overheating, but in the opinion of the Financial Supervisory Authority, the targets have not been […]

Consumer credit market France: Trends 1st quarter 2016

  In the first quarter of 2016, the mood of French households was up, as growth: + 0.6% according to ANCAR, a figure higher than that of the euro area. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) confirmed the government’s growth forecast for the year as a whole. This improvement is due to the investment of households […]

Loan Insurance: distinguishing between disability, disability and loss of autonomy

  The borrower insurance of a loan offer represents a significant part of the maturities of a mortgage, in order to protect the borrower against the consequences of a disability, a disability or a loss of autonomy. But what exactly do these three situations cover? Criticism at Temporary or permanent disability Inability to work […]

Auto Loan Credit Purchase and Simulation – Loan consolidation

Trust credit bureau for your auto loan redemption, it is also possible to finance a new vehicle with the best rates in force. Credit purchase including a car loan The repurchase of credit allows to regroup several credits in one of which the auto loan. It is therefore possible to include credits of different types (consumption […]